Flash Report October 2017
  • SHG

  • Gross Loan Portfolio(Rs.Cr): 754.12
  • Active Groups: 43,688
  • Active Borrowers: 3,40,398
  • Branches: 145
  • JLG

  • Gross Loan Portfolio(Rs.Cr): 84.24
  • Active Groups: 12,463
  • Active Borrowers: 57,603
  • Branches: 59
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Continuous training programmes are organised to build the capacity of SHG members, Animators and Representatives of the SHGs. This helps them to understand their roles and fulfil their responsibilities well. It also equips them to avail of the financial services from Belstar in an appropriate and effective manner.


Training for Animators and Representative (A&R)
The Animators and Representatives undergo the A&R Training within 30 days of formation of the group. They hold the post for a specific period after which, different members in the group get an opportunity to take up this responsibility on rotation. The training for these Animators and Representatives is conducted in two phases.
  • The first phase covers topics like leadership, importance of book keeping, practical training in book keeping.
  • The second phase is a refresher course; the SHG functioning is discussed, doubts on book keeping are clarified and problems faced by them during implementation are sorted out.
Training for SHG Members
The SHG members are given a three-module training, each dealing with specific topics. The members should undergo training on:

Module I: (on Social Mobilisation and Group Dynamics) within one month of group formation

Module II: (on Enterprise Motivation + Belstar loan products) within two months

Module III: (on Micro Enterprise Promotion) within six months.
By the end of the third month the groups should have been nurtured adequately to avail of the loan services from Belstar.
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