eNACH Cancellation Process

Terms & Conditions

NACH/eNACH Cancellation for BML Loans

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) introduced centralized National Automated Clearing House (NACH) debit payment system, which is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India under the Payments and Settlement Act 2007.

Belstar Microfinance Limited offers all its MSME customers’ digital payment mandate registration option through Electronic NACH (eNACH), this helps customers to make their emi payments hassle free.

eNACH Mandate Registration Process:

To register eNACH mandate, customers are requested to contact concerned relationship officers of Belstar Microfinance Limited Branch / send email request to “enach.support@belstar.in” with the following details:

  1. Your Application Number/Loan Account Number
  2. Registered Mobile Number
  3. Debit Bank Account Number & IFSC code
  4. Mandate Approval option-Via Debit OR Net Banking

eNACH Mandate Cancellation Process:

As per directions issued by NPCI vide circular NPCI/2020-21/NACH/Circular No. 025 dated 08/02/2021 & NPCI/2020-21/NACH/Circular No. 028 dated 08/03/, Belstar provides the NACH cancellation facility for its customers as per the below process:

  1. For cancellation of registered eNACH, the customer can contact their relationship officers of Belstar branch for the same or send e-Mail to “enach.support@belstar.in” with the following details:
  2. Your Application Number/Loan Account Number
  3. Registered Mobile Number
  4. Reason for NACH Cancellation Request
  5. Belstar has the discretion to consider the eNACH Mandate Cancellation request based on customers loan repayment terms and conditions.
  6. Confirmation on the final status of Mandate Cancellation will be provided to customer via SMS.

Customer Grievance Mechanism:

For any query on eNACH, please write to enach.support@belstar.in | info@belstar.in or call us on 18001027049 (Monday to Friday -10 am to 6pm) or visit your nearest Belstar Branch.
Please note above process is applicable only for Belstar Microfinance Ltd., limited customers.