33rd AGM
Transcript of 33rd AGM
Auditor Resignation Letter
1st EGM
Transcript of 1st EGM
2nd EGM
Transcript of 2nd EGM
3rd EGM
Transcript of 3rd EGM
Notice of 32nd AGM
Notice of 31st AGM
Sep 18, 2019
1st EGM
FY 19-20
2nd EGM
FY 19-20
Notice of 30th AGM
Aug 18, 2018
1st Extraordinary
Gen. Meeting
29th AGM Notice
July 31, 2017
1ST EGM Notice of
FY 2017-18
2nd EGM Notice of
FY 2016-17
Notice of 28th AGM
Sep 28th 2016
1st EGM Notice of
FY 2016-2017