Poultry farmer, Chikmangalur, Karnataka

Bhavya from Chikmangalur lives with her husband and two children. Her husband’s income from driving vehicles was not sufficient to sustain the family. When Bhavya decided to join Belstar, her idea was to start an animal husbandry unit. She formed a group with four other women and took a loan of INR 20,000. Chipping in her own savings along with the loan amount, she purchased a cow. Bhavya repaid the loan with the income from selling milk and then took out a second loan to start a poultry farm...

Seeing her endure various difficulties, the Credit Plus Team reached out to help her undertake advanced training in toy-making using government aid and relocate her business from Koneripatti village to Rasipuram town where there were greater opportunities. Moreover, with her sincere credit history, she obtained Rs. 75,000/- ME loan from BELSTAR with the team’s guidance to expand her business further. The support helped improve her earnings to Rs. 2,000 a day. The financial support enabled her daughter to complete her M.Phil degree and get married. Ms Lakshmi taught her son the trade and he learnt to manage the business. Currently, she gets her raw materials from Bangalore and has been constructing modern toys at a much larger scale. Ms Lakshmi says, “I lost my confidence because of my small earnings and I doubted if I will be able to improve my condition in life and see my children settle down. But the Credit Plus Team gave me hope and helped set up my business. Hope has made my life more meaningful. It is all thanks to BELSTAR.”

Stories of change

Belstar’s success stories paint the picture of how women have inspired many by beating impossible odds and succeeding on their own for their families, with a little help from microfinance.

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