Gudiya Singh

Tailoring shop – Uttar Pradesh

At Gudiya Singh’s small home in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh the hum of the sewing machine has become the norm. Gudiya runs a tailoring shop from her home, she has two machines and uses them to do embroidery.

Gudiya is happy to have become part of the Belstar family. Her husband earns daily wages that are erratic and not enough to run the family. Gudiya decided to open the tailoring unit to help bring in income. However, she required more capital to enhance her business. Belstar’ s loan helped her bring in one more machine, buy more raw materials for decorative tailoring. Her JLG group is called Gudiya Singh Hajipur and consists of her neighbours and herself.

Today her monthly income has not only increased but is also steady with a sizeable and loyal customer base. Gudiya is a happy woman, thanks to Belstar!

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