Provisions store, Annamalai - Tamil Nadu

Jayanthi from Annamalai village, Coimbatore has a long connection with Belstar. The 35-year-old is married with two children and has been part of the Belstar family for over 7 years now.

Jayanthi’s husband has a job as an on-call driver and does not earn a regular income. With growing children, the couple struggled to make ends meet. When she joined a Belstar Self Help Group, she met more women like herself. She took her first livelihood loan from Belstar to help start a small petty shop.

Her village being in a remote location, Jayanthi found it difficult to stock vegetables and groceries from the nearby town. She would initially walk many miles to buy stock. Later with another loan from Belstar, Jayanthi bought a second-hand two-wheeler. This helped her pick up things from the market and sell fresher produce, thereby giving her a better business.

Belstar’ s link with Jayanthi didn’t stop here. Her children were growing up and paying school fees wasn’t easy. This is where Belstar’ s educational loan helped Jayanthi pay her fees.

Today, Jayanthi runs a big grocery and provisions store at Annamalai and she is a happy customer of Belstar. When she looks back, she is thankful that Belstar has offered her a helping hand at all stages of her growth.

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