Hema Prasad

General Store – Uttarakhand

Hema Prasad is 38 years old and lives in Khatima, Uttarakhand with her family. Her husband is a factory worker and earns a very minimal daily income. With a desire to improve the standard of living for both her and her family she started a small general store about 9 months ago. She received good support from her husband and other family members, but she was not making enough profit because she had spent all money to support her family.

One day she came to know that a new company Belstar has started its operation in that area and are providing loans to women for their livelihood promotion.

She had discussion with the Belstar staff and formed a group of women which required funds for their income generated activity.

After a few days she got the loan of Rs-/ 30000 which she has invested to buy cosmetics items and other stationary articles for her shop.

She said that she is very happy and thankful to Belstar as it helps her to diversify her business.

Stories of change

Belstar’s success stories paint the picture of how women have inspired many by beating impossible odds and succeeding on their own for their families, with a little help from microfinance.

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